ISDN IMUX, ISDN Inverse Multiplexing, ISDN Bandwidth Management, ISDN Switching, ISDN Conversion, ISDN Extension, with the Promptus product range.
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About Us

Promptus Communications Inc. ("Promptus") was founded in the USA in 1988 and opened its first office in Asia in 1995. Historically the company specialized in the design, manufacture, distribution and support of information security and network access products. These products served many applications including encryption, inverse-multiplexing in ISDN environments, bandwidth management and switching.

Today, Promptus is an international value added distribution, services and support company specializing in high speed access, security and conferencing solutions for a broad range of technologies including ISDN, IP, Frame relay, ATM, ADSL, ADSL2+, VoIP and VoDSL. Promptus' sphere of operations includes North America, Asia Pacific Hong Kong and Europe. Research, development and manufacturing of Promptus branded products continues to be undertaken in the US.

Since formation, the consistently high quality of Promptus products, people and support has propelled the company to a leadership position in these technology areas. In conjunction with past and current partners, over 40,000 systems have been delivered to 10,000 customers. Moreover, Promptus currently supports over 450 defence and law enforcement sites with ISDN/IP encryption, ISDN inverse-multiplexers and switching systems in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.

Apart from the comprehensive product portfolio, Promptus core strengths include the technical depth and experience to provide a consultative approach to understanding and delivering our customer needs. Promptus provides exceptional levels of support for all products offered.


Promptus' support capabilities extend around the globe with key locations in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Promptus focuses on carrier and large enterprise solutions and are equally comfortable supporting local, regional and global networks. Promptus works with numerous carriers, government customers and corporations in many different industries including aerospace and defence, automotive, pharmaceutical, financial services, consumer products, manufacturing and oil and gas.

Products and Applications

Network Access Solutions
Promptus' network access product range provides migration paths and solutions for carriers, service providers and end users wishing to take advantage of the benefits of IP while protecting their current CPE investment in analog and digital phones, fax, PABX/Key Systems. It is widely acknowledged by industry analysts that the world's communications systems will migrate from traditional circuit-switched telephony to the convergence of voice, video, and data networks through IP technology.

The telecommunications industry is moving rapidly in the migration process as service providers and enterprises are embracing the benefits of VoIP. The momentum of the migration is increasing as the quality of solutions improves and the large carriers take more of a leading role in offering new services that include VoIP. As momentum continues to grow, Promptus is well positioned as a strong niche player in the market for VoIP enabling technologies - a market that is forecasted to grow exponentially over the next 5 years.

A hallmark of the Promptus product portfolio is support for legacy systems and existing infrastructure over current and future networks and protocols. This has the effect of extending the life of our customers existing infrastructure investments while allowing them to take advantage of the lower cost and higher bandwidth opportunities offered by new and emerging telecommunications trends. Promptus helps you avoid, or delay, expensive and potentially disruptive capital programs.

Promptus offer a comprehensive and exclusive range of high speed network access products and solutions for both carrier and enterprise applications including:
. ISDN and ISDN extension/conversion/simulation
. Internet network appliances
. Voice over IP
. Network security

Our partners include Patapsco, Verilink, and Allied Data

Encryption and Security Solutions
Promptus has a long history in delivering security products to government and large corporations and has proven expertise and credentials in the implementation of these sometimes complex, secure environments. As an information security service provider with global reach, Promptus offers a world-class communications security infrastructure and the industry's most comprehensive offering of security services.

Promptus develops, markets and supports a comprehensive family of telecommunications security solutions that protect and manage the access, privacy and integrity of information transmitted over local-area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), wireless and public packet-switched networks, in real time and up to gigabit speeds.

We specialize in securing access for on-demand real-time applications like videoconferencing and voice. Other non-realtime applications for our products include email, wireless and remote access solutions, LAN-to-LAN Interconnect, Image Retrieval and Disaster Recovery Backup.

Conferencing Solutions
Promptus has extensive experience in the design, deployment and project management of audio, web and videoconferencing networks, including the migration of ISDN-based videoconferencing networks to IP. Promptus has supplied and delivered a number of secure conferencing solutions to large corporations and government agencies.

Past and current partners include PictureTel, VTEL, VCON, Polycom and many others with over 4,000 systems delivered to 1,000 customers.


Operating through a network of resellers and systems integrators, Promptus has built an impressive presence in each of it's markets. Promptus' primary responsibility as a value added distributor is to assist and support its dealer base. The company has a dedicated team of staff that are fully certified and accredited to provide unrivalled sales and technical support to its reseller network.

Promptus Support

The heart of Promptus' Support Services is the Technical Assistance Centre which provides a comprehensive suite of services including:
. Implementation
. Project Management
. Configuration Management of sites and the network
. Help desk, Maintenance and Support
. Technical Training
. Rapid Replacement Spares
. Remote diagnostics and configuration support
. Software maintenance

Promptus can provide 24 hour Technical Assistance to our clients should they require this facility.

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