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6 July, 2005
Liphook, Hampshire , England

Patapsco Strengthens US Marketing with Promptus Alliance
Patapsco Communications, the telecoms engineering specialist, has announced a new distributor agreement for its latest PacketBand* products with US-based network access specialists, Promptus Communications, Inc.

Promptus has entered into the agreement with Patapsco to boost and strengthen its line of offerings and to provide customers with PacketBand ISDN, the first system to enable ISDN tunnelling across IP networks and PacketBand TDM, which provides leased line emulation over IP.

"We will be catering to a new breed of telecoms carrier," explained Paul Fredette, Chief Technical Officer at Promptus Communications, Inc. "These new style carriers need to exploit all revenue-generating opportunities. Traditionally they would only be supplying voice or IP services, but now they need to add more high-value services to ensure healthy profit margins and satisfy their customers' demanding requirements.

"Patapsco's PacketBand TDM and ISDN systems allow the carriers to focus on their core strengths and provide a range of new services without any major investment in legacy communications architecture.

"It will also suit large corporates. Most companies cannot justify the expense or risk of changing all their legacy applications; with PacketBand this is not a problem - applications such as video conferencing, faxes and PBXs can be integrated into the new IP network," he said.

In addition to the new PacketBand products, Promptus will also be marketing the Liberator Duo and Liberator S range of ISDN cross-connect multiplexers. These enable users to maximise and share the use of expensive ISDN circuits with cable drive distances allowing carriers to span the 'last mile'.

"Patapsco has an excellent range of products for the IP and ISDN markets, and they fit in perfectly with our own portfolio," explained Paul Fredette. "I believe that we can really help to open up the US market for Patapsco, and they in turn will provide us with a unique set of products for our customers."

Patapsco Communications is a well-established telecoms engineering company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing ISDN, high speed aggregation and IP technology products for carriers, corporates, mobile operators, service companies (eg, disaster backup companies, ISPs) and systems integrators. Further information is available at:

Promptus is an international value added distribution, services and support company specializing in high speed access, security and conferencing solutions. Promptus offers a broad range of Integrated Access Devices(IAD, Access Routers/Gateways, switches, converters, extenders, bandwith aggregators and encryption devices to support ISDN, IP, Frame relay, ATM, xDSL, ADSL2+, VoIP and VoDSL technologies.

A hallmark of the Promptus product portfolio is support for legacy systems and existing infrastructure over current and future networks and protocols. This has the effect of extending the life of our customers existing infrastructure investments while allowing them to take advantage of the lower cost and higher bandwidth opportunities offered by new and emerging telecommunications trends. Promptus helps you avoid, or delay, expensive and potentially disruptive capital programs.


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